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Who We Are?

Corporate & School Team Building Experts

Who We Are

Our Aims

Create innovative team building programs that helps teams thrive.

Our programs are different, designed to bring together a multitude of innovative team building activities into the one. We have used our backgrounds in sport, drama, music and event management to find a program that is truly different.


An always on program that tests the group in a fun environment.

We don’t like standing around, watching and not taking part. We like all action, all fun and for everybody to be involved throughout. This will bring your team together and show which members can thrive in team settings.


Build teams that inspire people to work towards a common goal.

The importance of team building can’t be overstated. It is absolutely crucial towards gaining trust, working towards a common goal and having a safe environment in which people can thrive. Check out our summary of why team building is important!


Bring Your Team Together Today!

With 13 years experience in the events and team building industry, we want to help bring your team together. We love developing programs, running team workshops and creating memorable experiences that helps our clients succeed. It is our passion. Get in touch today to find out more about how this activity could be the start of your teams upwards ascent. Drive change in a fun environment. Not to be missed.