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Corporate Team Building

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Launching for Corporate SMEs! The Perfect Team Building Session For Your Company.

After a number of months researching and testing our product in the Corporate SME sector, we are delighted to finally be launching Team Works for Corporate SME groups. Having set up in 2020 after 11 years in the tourism event industry, our unique team building activity has gone from strength to strength in the education sector. Now, after multiple brilliant reviews from groups in the SME sector, we are ready to launch our new, affordable team building activity aimed at the business market.

What’s Involved?

What’s involved you might ask? Well, we have the perfect team building combination for your group;

  1. Delivered onsite or at our locations. Our research indicates that 70% of groups want to leave the office for their team building days. Lucky for you, we give the option to choose.
  2. A 2-hour interactive, fun team building session. Combining icebreakers, blindfold, crack the code challenges and many more – this is a guaranteed 2 hour of laughter with leadership, communication and delegation to the fore.
  3. Food & Drink provided if the group wishes. Whether soup and sandwiches, a meal and drinks or some platters – why not make it an event to remember for your staff? Our research shows that over 90% of Corporate SMEs are looking for food/drink included in their team building packages.
  4. Summer & Christmas party themed events.

Why Team Building?

  1. 97% of employers expect to offer ‘work from home’ in the long-term. While this is a positive for staff, it also presents challenges in terms of communication, responsibility and leadership. Getting the group together regularly is a crucial consideration for employee success. 60% of businesses believe that team building is important to do monthly while almost 40% believe it was important to do on a quarterly basis.
  2. A study by the World Economic Forum found that over half of executives believe that working from home as a result of Covid-19 has placed a strain on company culture and employee morale. Our experience indicates also that it is more difficult to integrate into a workplace now without face-to-face interaction.
  3. A study by IBM found that there was a massive discrepancy between employer and employee assessments of staff wellbeing. 80% of employers felt that they were supporting staff wellbeing. Only 46% of employees agreed.

That’s just some of the challenges facing companies heading into 2023 and beyond. A big takeaway is the need for face-to-face interaction outside of the workplace or offsite. Multiple studies have found that team building activities away from the office play a significant role in terms of employee engagement (21% increase amongst teams who participate in team building), employee relationships (close relationships in work lead to employees feeling 7 times more engaged) and productivity (a 12% increase as a result of team building activities according to the Human Resources Management Association).


Lastly, we recognise the increased costs of running a business. The same applies to ourselves in terms of transport, rent etc. That is why we want to make sure that our product offering is affordable for the SME market without compromising on quality. Please get in touch below today to find out about our many packages.

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