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Secondary Schools Induction

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Over the past 3 years, we have been to hundreds of schools throughout the country. Each giving great reviews about the transformational and enjoyable impact of our team building day.

Crack The Code?

From puzzles to blindfold challenge. From ice breakers to codebreakers. This is a team building workshop like no other. Get in touch today to find out more. Mobile Unit available to come to your location.

A Secondary School Induction with a difference. We give your students the opportunity to have fun, make friends, showcase their wonderful skills and challenge themselves to work together. Get a head start on integrating your class by getting in touch today. All can be done at YOUR location.

Our activity is 2 hours long. We divide the students into teams to compete (in a friendly and fun manner) against each other. It is all a series of fun, teambuilding challenges. Our reviews show that it is an exciting, engaging workshop that will lead to a memorable day of activity for the students (and the teachers!).

There will be NO sitting around or standing still. This will be all action, all fun and all inclusive to make sure that the students are working together to solve challenges.

From Icebreakers to codebreakers to team building activities, which team will crack the code first?

You’ve never seen team building like this!

Frequently asked questions

How Many People Can We Cater For?

We can do secondary school groups of between 20 and 200. We typically break the groups up into teams of 10-12 people.

How Many Groups Have We Done?

For the past two and a half years, we have been sold out for many months bringing our team building experience into schools.

How Much Does It Cost?

€17 per student for schools in Dublin. €20 per student for schools outside of Dublin. We cut out transport costs by delivering the experience in your school!

Where is the Experience?

We can do the experience in your school by bringing our mobile unit. We also have central locations in Dublin where we can bring your group for a memorable experience. Get in touch to find out more.

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