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Transition Year Program

Trust | Friendship | Team Building Workshop | Fun

Transition Year Workshop

Our Transition Year team building program combines a host of different elements to bring your group together. At your location, we combine quizzes, icebreakers, puzzles, codebreakers, blindfold challenges and a host of other challenges. Bringing in elements of leadership, delegation, trust and communication, this activity sets your group up for the year ahead. Can your team crack the code?

Our Sessions?

Take your pick, we have a host of offerings which might suit your group. Using themed sessions, we can provide Leadership days, Team Building sessions, Christmas parties, Summer parties, Communication days and a host of other elements. Whether at your site or in our lovely facilities, we have programs to suit your year group. Check out our reviews to find out more or click the button below to ask any questions.

Frequently asked questions

How Many People Can We Cater For?

We can do secondary school groups of between 20 and 200. We typically break the groups up into teams of 10-12 people.

How Many Groups Have We Done?

For the past two and a half years, we have been sold out for many months bringing our team building experience into schools.

How Much Does It Cost?

€17 per student for schools in Dublin. €20 per student for schools outside of Dublin. We cut out transport costs by delivering the experience in your school!

Where is the Experience?

We can do the experience in your school by bringing our mobile unit. We also have central locations in Dublin where we can bring your group for a memorable experience. Get in touch to find out more.

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